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SDA Investment & Accommodation

Specialising in purpose-built NDIS compliant home solutions,  for your loved one's with a disability.

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Customised Secondary Space

Designed with accessibility in mind, a separate space can create a healthy and happy level of independent living.

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Community & Special Needs Housing

Creating multi-purpose, affordable accommodation for larger groups and those in need.

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 Multi Purpose Transportable Projects

Our design approach enables affordable temporary, alternative and flexible uses for a variety of groups.

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 Mine Camps D&C, and Demobilise

When needing accommodation to cater for your workforce, our solutions are adaptable to your specific requirements.

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Building Project Management 

With 35+years experience we prefer to walk the entire process with you from conception to completion.

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For all your design and construct needs, Housing101 has the expertise and knowledge to help your idea become a reality.

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