AB Paterson College

Arundel,  Qld 4214


Multi-Purpose Transportables for School Communities

Housing101 utilised their knowledge from other projects to provide a flexible, timely and affordable transportable solutions. Working in an operating school environment to tight schedules requires considerable logistical planning and comprehensive safety measures.

Our first assignment with AB Paterson School was supplying and installing transportable modules to be adapted as sound proof music rooms. Apart from the supply and installation of modules, this project included designing the most practical layout of two module buildings within a confined quadrangle.

After the successful completion of this job Housing 101 was requested to advise on how existing modular classrooms could be removed and if possible reused for other purposes in a different location within the school grounds.

Some of these photos show the demobilisation and reinstallation and adaption of these modules.

The whole operation occurred within a 3 week period.

Approximately 12 months later we were again contacted by AB Paterson to advise on how these buildings could be relocated again. As in the previous project, there were challenges including access and redesigning layout to suit the new uses and available space. 

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