Design of Stockmans Mining Camp

High Country, VIC


Designing accommodation for a Mining Camp

Housing101 was approached by an international project management firm to submit a price for a design of a mining camp near Omeo in the Victorian high country. This company did have a design that had been prepared but were not satisfied with it for a variety of reasons including that it was a conventional camp layout that did not suit the location and environment. If it were to be built it required massive earthworks due to the sloping country and having to divert some seasonal watercourses.

Apart from the initial site preparation cost, this approach would have greatly increased the rehabilitation cost at the end of the mine life.

There were several challenges for the design and construction of this 218 person camp including building on a sloping hill,  which required numerous planning and environmental restrictions and extensive bushfire protection.

Housing101 were successful in being awarded the design of the camp which included providing details for an operating camp: earthworks, roads, electrical reticulation and sewerage and water treatment plants.  The tender also called for an allowance for two desktop reviews and was notable that there was not a requirement for the camp designer and civil consultants to visit the location.

Unfortunately this is not uncommon and what is also notable is that several camp designs have been done by those who have never really stayed in a camp or understand what is really needed to make the camp operate efficiently and be enjoyed by the workers.

Housing101 undertook a site visit and were able to work out a design that did not interfere with the seasonal water courses, worked with the contours to minimise the extent of cut and fill, while creating a scenic environment for the workers. Time was initially spent doing basic mark-out in the paddock and identifying the best accesses and exits.

Housing101 also assessed the mining companies existing camp stock and materials to work out what could be used to save money and what was most suitable for the location and environment.

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