Customised Bed & Breakfast

Dayboro, Qld


Customised Bed & Breakfast

Housing101 is contracted to build a 4  unit Bed and Breakfast facility on 10 acres at Dayboro. One of our past customers recommended us as  we had designed and constructed a similar building for them.

They had been informed by two separate planners that there were numerous difficulties with the site. Planning laws and council overlays of land slide and bushfire hazards meant that even with considerable expenditure their project may not be able to be built. Following these setbacks, they approached us to see if we could assist them to achieve their goals.  Tony’s vast knowledge in planning matters and contacts in the industry enabled us to find an alternative ruling and interpretation to gain acceptance as a B and B.

Once the planning matters were settled, we continued to work collaboratively with the client to ensure the project met their requirements and fulfilled their goals as outlined in their business plan. Various locations were considered during several site visits.  Consideration for privacy for the clients own, and neighbours’ residences, views and orientation were taken into account.

Our client is very pleased with the outcome, and we continue to work with them to build the most cost effective and attractive accommodation for their new business.

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